Good Night, and Good Luck

So I have moved back to school, and this will be my final blog for a while.  The title of this post is one of my favorite phrases to use, and I feel like it’s applicable to this post so just think about it or if you’re friends with Clooney, ask him about it (or don’t because his explanation won’t make any sense here).

I completed the top and skirt for my outfit before the move, and you can see the results at the bottom.

My conclusions on the outfit itself are that I should have used a different fabric. Definitley a different fabric.  As I was working with it, I realized it most probably wasn’t purely a cotton fabric.  It definitely was much thinner than I thought it would be, and I think I was misled by how coarse the weave was.  You can obviously tell it is too thin because, well, it’s see through.    The top especially since it’s unlined.  Also, the fabric basically deformed a little bit every time I touched it, which is a little bit of a nightmare since I need to touch it to make the outfit.

As for the construction, the V in the back was difficult to make and that is probably evident in the fact that it is not centered.  I ran into trouble with keeping the hemline straight because when I did, I had a lot of gaping and the fabric at the edge of the V did not sit nicely against the back.  And to fix that, I had to keep redoing the seams on the shoulders to pull up the fabric.

And I think the constant readjustment of the shoulders probably affected the arm holes, which do no match entirely.  On the front side of the left arm hole, I constantly had issues with how it sat against the chest (i.e. very badly).  I tried redoing the side seam to take away the excess fabric but that did not work.  I think the angles of the arm hole were probably off.  I’m not sure if there is an actual technique for figuring that out.

While I can say that the construction of the garment wasn’t the most perfect thing, I am glad I took it upon myself to make the outfit and proud that I could display my efforts both in their glory and lack thereof.

This project was a simple one, mainly because my technical skill set is not robust enough for anything more intricate.  I think my biggest frustration is that I have ideas for design more grandiose than I have the knowledge needed to actualize them, and that knowledge can come only with education and practice.

I realized through this experience that I still have the vision in design that I had when I was younger and that it was just lying dormant.  I learnt that I have the drive and the desire to bring my ideas from mere thought to image and, in turn, to reality.  Having had a long break from fashion design, those realizations are truly thrilling and encouraging and worthy of pursuit. And while I will not be able to construct clothes while I am at school, I will do a better job of sketching and maintaining a personal portfolio, which I may or may not post to this blog from time to time. We shall see.

This is super cheesy but I mean it: Thank you for reading this blog and taking this (disjointed) journey with me.  I enjoyed all the work I did for it this summer.  Hopefully I can make the cape the next time I’m home!

-Yours Truly, the girl who has to write proposals for her bioengineering senior design project tomorrow and did not tailgate for 4 hours today because that’s literally insane (in my humble opinion).

Outfit - Front View - Lillian Boodaghians - Oct 4 2014Outfit - Side View - Lillian Boodaghians - Oct 4 2014Outfit - Back View - Lillian Boodaghians - Oct 4 2014


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