“This is My Design” – Part Deux

Hullo! Long time no talk, see, web-ercise, whatever this interaction we have here is called. I guess it’s more of a “long time no didactic monologue” type of situation.  Speaking of didactic, I need to build my vocabulary a little bit because “didactic” isn’t really the sentiment I was going for (Side Note: I use the word “sentiment” a little too much in my everyday interactions…and also use quotation marks way to often, air or otherwise).

Anyway, the reason I have been absent is that I have been slaving away at the skirt for my outfit and it’s coming along pretty well.  Well actually, I ran into a couple of snags—pun intended—with the zipper and the waistband but I’m working on it and will hopefully (fingers mega crossed) have photos of it up tomorrow.

Today, I am posting an update of my design because between all of The Sopranos episodes I have been watching and the time I spent drooling over the Calvin Klein Spring 2015 collection, I have decided to change the outer layer of the outfit into….. A CAPE.  And while I am freakishly obsessed with Batman (so much so that even a BuzzFeed quiz told me that Batman is the superhero I should date…but that better be the Christian Bale Batman and by that I just mean the actual Christian Bale), this is not a superhero inspired cape.  It is an opera cape inspired cape.  Elegant, tasteful, timeless.

Except for it looks like that horrendous striped poncho you wore in elementary school in the sketch posted below.  So here goes the explanation.

In the front, the cape is simple.  It’s kind of like what a poncho would look like if it was made out of the organza fabric I was originally using for the original outer box-dress, except a little more fabric so I can get a little more volume and movement (the fabric has not changed).  It will come down to about mid thigh, in which case, it will only cover the top half of the skirt. However, I might change the length once I actually make it, depending on how the proportions appeal to me visually; I will probably prefer to have the entire skirt covered.  It will have vertical arm/hand slits at the hips so when you wear it, you can slip your hands out to do whatever you gotta do, like eat a donut or sip some coffee (because that’s obviously what you do while wearing an opera cape, I mean, I would).

The back (yes, that’s the thing that looks stripy on the sketch) is actually strips of organza, about one inch in width, that come in from each side to form V shapes at the center of the back, kind of like ribs (that word sounds seriously ugly and it kind of smacks you in the face, doesn’t it?).  So essentially, the back alternates between Vs of fabric and Vs of open-ness, or in other words, Vs of fabric and Vs of negative space.  In the sketch, the shaded portions are portions where there is fabric and the unshaded portions are portions that do not have fabric in them.  And I’m going to match the angle of the Vs of the cape with the angle of the V on the back of the top for purposes of coherence. I hope that makes sense.

The top and skirt that go underneath remain unchanged from the original design.

And that’s enough from me! I think I’ll go watch some more Sopranos now.  Actually, come to think of it, a fashion collection inspired by that show would be incredible.  I call dibs!  I’ll make it my next project!

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-Yours Truly, the girl who really wants to go to the Dunkin’ Donuts that just opened in Santa Monica.

Music Credit: Blame feat. Jon Newman – Calvin Harris (on repeat for about 3 hours)

The updated design. Same as the original design, except the outer box-dress has been replaced by a cape.

The updated design. Same as the original design, except the outer box-dress has been replaced by a cape.


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