Fashion Design

Summer in September: Swapping Housewives for Fashion Design

Summer is a time of boredom. For me anyway. Long days filled with nothing to do but watch hours of Bravo, or Netflix, or HBO.

Well, this summer was a little different. I had an internship for 3 months at an aerospace company. But now that’s over, and since my university thinks that summer ends in October (brilliant), I have an entire month of summer left with nothing to do but watch hours of Bravo, or Netflix, or HBO. It’s like they want me to numb my brain to near paralysis!

I shan’t succumb to this sabotage!

Recently, I’ve found myself thirsty for an outlet for originality and creativity. As a bioengineering student at UCLA, I spend my entire year doing problem after problem after problem, which is fine for learning, but hardly original. All those problems have an answer, a correct answer, a single answer, and all 100 students in the class are going to end up with the same thing, the only originality on behalf of the professor who came up with the tortuous problem to begin with.

So I’m returning to my roots. I guess. I’m not sure that’s the right term. Basically, I used to satisfy my craving for creativity through designing clothes, but when I hit high school and got caught up in the crazy panic that was homework and grades and competing to get into a good college, I let the burdens of school work slowly squeeze the breath out of my passion. And since I’ve always wanted to do something incredible (not necessarily moon-landing incredible, more like Tom-Ford-dress incredible), it’s a good time to start (because there’s nothing incredible about watching Real Housewives for hours on end).

So the plan is, in this month, I will design and produce an entire outfit, (excuse my French) pour moi, from scratch. Everything, from the original design, to the making of the pattern, to the construction will be done by me.

Which means I’ll be learning everything as I go since I have literally no experience or technical training (well, actually, that’s a lie. I did take a sewing class when I was 12 at Jo-Ann Fabrics where I learnt how to sew a pillowcase). And because I don’t know how long it will take (and to account for intermittent summer laziness), I’m going to give myself the entire month.

Since I’m sure the process will be filled with hilarity (aka possible failed attempts, aka not actually hilarity but frustration others might find hilarious), I will be blogging about it daily (aka almost daily…I’ll try to be good).

So the bottom line is, I’m a bioengineer with experience in aerospace engineering who’s (re)trying my hand at fashion design…and blogging about it. If that isn’t grounds for quality entertainment, I don’t know what is. This might be madness, but at least it won’t be dull. Hopefully.

I’ll be posting a sketch of the design in the next blog!

-Yours Truly, Lillian

(I think I’ll sign off like that, until I think of something better)


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